LuckyLion International Group has its own warehouses in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and the sea. It mainly deals with the storage and distribution of food and food raw materials, sample quality inspection, packaging replacement, e-commerce warehouse express delivery, overseas warehouse services and other third-party logistics services. And related value-added services. At the same time, it also provides professional bundling and large-scale equipment reinforcement for the company's engineering projects, many more than 20 years of large-loading professionals and scientific weight testing equipment. The company is adjacent to the Lingang Free Trade Zone, 6 kilometers away, the Luchaogang Railway Central Station is 12 kilometers, the Donghai Bridge is 14 kilometers, the Pudong International Airport is 20 kilometers, and the area is over 100 acres. The company has passed ISO14001 certification for environmental quality system, and has been registered by the FDA in China and the United States. It has been awarded the title of A-level supplier of “Royal DSM” of the world's top 500 companies for many years, and has passed many transnational strict SHE and environmental and sustainable development. audit.


  LuckyLion International provides 8 sets of equipment and tools for electric lifting container docking platform, 12 forklifts, 2 winder machines, 2 cranes, 6 stackers, 2 lifts, trays and pads. 5 refrigerated Vehicles and 15 inbound container trucks; located in Fengxian District common warehouse 26,000 square stereo shelf library (including 5000 plane library), temperature control warehouse 4000 + 3000 square 3 ~ 15 degrees Celsius, 50 square minus 55 degrees, bonded warehouse 10000 square The leased warehouses in the Lingang Free Trade Zone, the outdoor site 25,000 square meters of load-bearing reinforced concrete floors, and various EHS facilities involve safety, pests, fire protection and environmental protection;


  With a team of professional managers, experienced front-line staff and localized logistics staff, LuckyLion International has effectively guaranteed the operation and provided customers with safe and satisfactory services. LuckyLion International Logistics has strong technology and experience in the field of container handling. It has provided professional third-party logistics services for internationally renowned manufacturing companies in many countries and industries, importing food and wine logistics services and clothing quality inspection and There are also good performances in areas such as sorting.