Freight forwarding business

Provide customers with agent booking, loading, collecting, customs declaration, inspection, and bill of lading.

Shipping is the logistics of import and export enterprises through the ocean. Compared with air and rail transportation, the cost of shipping is lower. The disadvantage is that the transportation cycle is longer. International shipping usually refers to transnational ocean transport.

Based on an advanced information system, Lucky Lion International provides you with full container and LCL shipping services, and uses sea, land and air transport modes to deliver goods safely and quickly to designated destinations.

Acting for the transportation of various types of import and export goods and customs declaration, commodity inspection, dangerous goods declaration, warehousing, ground transportation, etc.; providing full-service services for import distribution and export operations; hosting multi-modal transportation of containers and large-scale equipment and door-to-door Transportation business; provide information tracking and feedback service for goods and represent transportation insurance business; provide services such as route design, freight rate consultation, cost accounting and logistics services for project bidding projects.

NVOCC business

1. Issuance of bills of lading and waybills in the capacity of the carrier;

2. Organize the whole process of transporting the goods in the capacity of the carrier, formulate the transportation plan and organize the implementation;

3. Accepting the goods according to the shipper's instructions, entering into the transportation contract and, during the delivery of the goods, agent booking, customs declaration, inspection, tally, storage and delivery;

4. After the goods arrive at the port of destination, deliver the goods to the consignee according to the instructions of the client, and represent the customs clearance, distribution and distribution of the destination port;

5. Design and implementation of transportation plans under the DDU/DDP trade terms.

International multimodal transport business

It provides professional multi-modal transport services and transportation solution consulting services for inland, Far East inland, European inland, and North American inland routes. We have an overseas agent service network covering more than 200 port cities in more than 100 countries around the world. We are with MSK, COSCO, EMC, TSL, HPL, YML, APL, OOCL, WHL, PIL, K-LINE, MCC, CMA, NYK. , HMM, MSC, SITC, ZIM, IAL, RCL, SM and other shipping companies to establish long-term partnership, we aim to provide new and old customers around the world more safe, efficient, professional and enthusiastic all-round shipping services.

At the same time, with many years of cooperation with the ship owners and established a good relationship, to provide you with the most efficient transportation, the lowest price of the strong guarantee!


Shipping import and export and full-transport business, sea freight inquiry; shipping customs clearance fee inquiry. Import and export declaration / inspection, warehousing / distribution business; port to port, port to door, door to door, door to port transportation. Other shipping related services.

Trading agent:

The company can provide foreign trade agent window for the actual importers and exporters, provide verification forms, and is equipped with a multi-person professional team for the customer to make a list of invoices, invoices, power of attorney, single-party settlement and other full-scale foreign trade import and export documents business.

Domestic trade transportation business

To undertake container and bulk cargo water transport agents in the coastal areas of China and along the Yangtze River.