The Lions International New York Branch is a group that develops the needs of the North American market, with New York as the center, covering ‍Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Miami four branches) and Canada (Toronto, Ottawa) market; LuckyLion International (Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung); LuckyLion International (Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung); currently owned by LuckyLion International 1,500 employees worldwide, related companies (including 15 branches in mainland China); LuckyLion Air (Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung); LuckyLion International Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Japan Luckylion-Concord ( Tokyo, Otsuka), Singapore's Luckylion Concord, Malaysia's Luckylion Concord (Klang, Penang, Brazil), Thailand's Luckylion Concord (Bangkok), Vietnam's Luckylion Concord (Ho Chi Minh City, Haiphong, Hanoi), Philippines Luckylion Concord (Manila), Indonesia PT.Luckylion Concord (Jakarta), and Korea Lucky Lion Concord (Seoul).


With the world's major port agency network, LuckyLion International can provide import and export transportation services for shipping FCL, bulk cargo and container transportation. Through supporting trailers, customs clearance, inspection, terminal cargo handling, warehousing, taxation, insurance and other services, LuckyLion International can achieve door-to-door or point-to-point transportation worldwide, and can provide consolidation or distribution services.


Sea route cooperation shipowner


Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea route: WANHAI OOCL RCL CNC TSL YANGMING

Central and South American route: NYK EVERGREEN CMA HPL

Africa route: MSC MSK PIL EMC


Refrigerated container transport

For different cargo and transportation distances, LuckyLion International provides professional consultation and advice to customers on the problem of freezer transportation such as “freight freezing operation, freezer temperature ventilation setting, freezer selection, shipping schedule selection, transportation precautions”.

Dangerous goods transportation

LuckyLion International can fully operate the transportation of common dangerous goods, chemicals and liquids, as well as related dangerous goods declaration, ship declaration, warehousing and other services. At the same time, it can provide customers with full range of dangerous goods import and export freight services.

International Air Transport

The LuckyLion Air International Air Transport business is currently building a package-based strategy with a number of airlines (International Airline-CA/999, Korean Air-OE/988, China Southern Airlines-CE/784, Thai Airways-CX/160) The partnership provides a number of direct freighter services originating in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, covering dozens of direct points in Southeast Asia, Europe and North America, and spreading throughout the region. Currently, it handles more than 35,000 tons of air import and export every year. business.