LuckyLion International Express provides customers and agents "one platform, two networks and multiple channels", "one platform" refers to advanced express tracking and query platform. “Two networks” refers to domestic and international separation and dispatch networks; “multi-channel” refers to the integration of resources with well-known express delivery companies at home and abroad.


 In order to satisfy all customers and agents, Junhui Express strives to improve service quality by improving efficiency and strengthening management. In a practical sense, we provide quality service, meet the requirements, and take care of their common interests, including providing express and freight services in a fast, accurate and secure manner.

Our company has opened special services in the United States, Canada, Central and South America, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asian countries, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Middle East, Western Europe and Eastern Europe, and maintains close cooperation with many internationally renowned large express delivery companies. The express delivery service covers more than 220 countries and regions around the world. Our goal in the next two years is to continuously develop more and updated express delivery products, increase the global coverage of services, increase the market share of express delivery products, and improve the timeliness of products while rationally reducing costs and increasing market competition. force. Comprehensively improve the construction of information systems, promote the concept of express delivery platform, strengthen the brand building and publicity of Ruishi International Express, and make Ruishi International become a high-quality brand that is ubiquitous, preferred in the heart and value for money. You can directly check the Ruishi International website for convenience and simplicity.

  LuckyLion International Express specializes in providing international express delivery services such as:

1.Send delivery

2. International hotline

3. Domestic express delivery

4. International Post

5. Express and cargo services in Macau

6. Customs declaration and inspection