The LuckyLion branch of the LuckyLion Lion International Group, based in Hamburg, covers all EU countries and concentrates on comprehensive services such as sea, air, rail and express delivery to and from Central Europe. The company's self-operated trailers and customs declaration companies have developed a modern and comprehensive transportation operation system through the 10 years of hard work in the freight industry. The Hamburg branch is a member of the Global Freight Forwarders Association (WCA) and is a member of the Federation of European and American International Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA). It also has a team of professionals specializing in international cargo transportation, equipped with advanced office equipment and control systems. It has an interactive network with domestic and foreign shipping companies and customs; import and export clearance is fast and services are in place.


The business philosophy and service spirit of the Hamburg branch is positioned in the “professional achievement of customer integrity and win-win world”. We take every ticket and every link seriously and responsibly, and use the latest freight forwarding system operation software to ensure that every shipment that is shipped by the Hamburg branch can be safely and timely loaded. The Hamburg branch has established good cooperative relations with some large shipping companies such as MAERSK, CMA, ESL, COSCO, MOL, etc., and enjoys preferential freight rates. Some of the port freight rates are the lowest in Shenzhen. The Hamburg branch also has many years of experience in transit storage. We can safely pick up the goods in any city in the country, and we can pick up the goods and pallets according to your needs. The service quality is good and the charges are reasonable. At the same time, the Hamburg branch The company can handle fumigation and certificate of origin. For the list is not enough, there is no customs declaration document, the Hamburg branch can act as agent for import and export.


With the rise of cross-border e-commerce in recent years and the strategic layout of the national “Belt and Road”, the Hamburg branch is one of the few pioneers in railway transportation in China. The Hamburg branch will use the advantages of the major companies to provide you with the best railway. The whole cabinet, bulk cargo consolidation and transit service.


Dear customers, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with the latest shipping information and safe, prompt and accurate transportation services. Handle every business with professionalism. We will continue to expand our service network to provide you with better service possible. Now you only need to dial our service hotline to make you 12 points satisfied, reasonable price, faster speed to complete the important part of the goods operation, we look forward to working with you hand in hand!