Special cabinets, bulk boat service


    LuckyLion International provides special development and growth and value-added services in the direction of special cabinet transportation and bulk boat chartering services.

    The company occupies an important position in the special cabinet market. We represent all kinds of import and export goods transportation and customs declaration, commodity inspection, insurance, warehousing, lashing, trailers, etc., and have established good strategic cooperation with the world's major shipping companies. The current service routes and networks have spread all over the world.


Special cabinet transportation advantage


    In 2001, the core employees of our company began to operate special cabinets. The cooperative owners are mainly Zhonghai, COSCO, etc., and they absolutely control the transportation resources of Shenzhen special cabinets (including space/rate/empty container reserve, etc.).

    As a leader in the special cabinet transportation market, the company not only pays attention to its own team building, but also shoulders the responsibility of maintaining the market. In order to strengthen the integration of the special cabinet market segment and meet the diverse needs of different types of customers, the company has been striving to integrate a number of shipowner cooperation channels, such as Dexiang, Hyundai, Eisan, Hanjin Shipping, Maersk, etc. Strategic partnership.

    We also continue to strengthen our customer service, further approaching our customers, continuing to open branches and offices, and providing our customers with on-site and face-to-face services, all of which have been recognized by our customers.


 Bulk cargo charter transport


     Bulk goods usually refer to block, granular, powdery goods without fixed packaging or unpackaged, such as ore, coal, salt, etc., and the packaging forms are different.We provide customers with ship-to-ship chartering and lease the ship to the charterer. For bulk bulk customers, they can load and ship at any time according to the customer's shipping time.